Introduction to Digital Literacies

Instructor: Elisabeth Buck

Contact: @ElisabethHBuck (Twitter) (email)

Office: Robert Bell #249 (Office hours TBA)

Course time/location: T/TH 12:30-1:45, Robert Bell 284

Course hashtag: #bsueng213

Course overview (Section One):

ENG 213 will investigate the complexities of what it means to be digitally literate by examining an important aspect of contemporary communicative practice: social media.  By exploring how we read (and write) using digital technologies, this course will consider how social media specifically shapes discourse in the twenty-first century. Some questions this section of ENG 213 will delve into:

  • How do we shape our identities through our social media profiles?
  • How has social media altered how we receive and transmit information?
  • How do the technologies on which we interact with social media (e.g., iPhones, laptops) impact the composing process?
  • How do social networking sites blur the distinction between public and private communication?
  • How might social media enable activism?
  • How do social media sites exist as artifacts in relation to each other?

We will examine specific social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yik Yak, etc.), but also think about the implications of these technologies. This course will thus ask you to compose in, research, analyze, and, above all, think critically about social media and its impact on how we engage with the digital landscape.

Please note that this course will require you to maintain and utilize a professional Twitter account. This account, however, will not need to include your full or real name.

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